Growing stronger museums with greater public value is an exciting and complex choreography of engaging stakeholders and their perspectives; preparing for the future by planning for change; being sharp and ready everyday for guests – while holding onto the promise of making a difference in people’s lives.

Museums accomplish this by working together: working with their communities, working with other museums through sharing and professional networks, and working collaboratively internally and with consultants.
Vergeront Museum Planning draws on museum experience, planning expertise, and professional resources to help museums strengthen themselves and their communities.

  • Planning Principles: Vergeront Museum Planning’s planning principles contribute to growing stronger museums with greater public value to their communities.
  • Clients Small and large, new and established organizations, Vergeront Museum Planning’s clients include museums of many types as well as libraries and learning centers.
  • Tools & Connections: Vergeront Museum Planning is committed to building museum capacity by sharing resources and expertise and facilitating connections - between theory and practice, among museums and museum professionals, and across related disciplines.