To grow stronger museums with greater public value Vergeront Museum Planning provides strategic planning and education planning services to museums and other informal learning organizations at all stages of development – start up, expansion or reinvention. Vergeront Museum Planning’s community and civic engagement services assist museums in cultivating the strong base of community support that is essential to a museum’s valued and visible civic role. Institutional and professional development services respond to a museum’s need for increased internal capacity that allows it to engage partners effectively, shape robust learning experiences, deepen its impact, and be a community asset.

Planning is a rich, complex process. At its best, planning is…
  • … a team effort. In planning with museums Vergeront Museum Planning forms customized teams to meet the specific requirements of each project.
  • a process tailored to each client and project. Vergeront Museum Planning employs a disciplined discovery process adapted to a museum’s planning focus and existing capacity using steps and tools tested in other projects.
  • … collegial and collaborative. Vergeront Museum Planning draws on the collective professional expertise, local knowledge, and passion within an organization.