Every museum believes it has a compelling mission and civic value. In fact, every museum can put its mission to work on behalf of its community. To do so effectively, it must be community-centered and museum-framed, leaning focused and aligned for impact.

  • A museum that is community-centered and museum-framed ties its mission and values to what is significant and valued locally. It shapes both its strategic and programmatic direction to be helpful to the community in core areas, building on what it can do best.
  • A museum that is learning-focused actively learns with, from, and on behalf of its audience to improve its practice, strengthen its impact, and benefit its community.
  • A museum aligned for impact not only states clearly what it wants to accomplish, but also makes sure every program, activity, practice, and resource contributes to achieving those things.

Vergeront Museum Planning assists museums in aligning practices with its aspirations and vision for a more vital community.