Drawing on more than 25 years of working in and with cultural and educational non-profits, Vergeront Museum Planning provides strategic planning and education planning services to museums and other informal learning organizations at every stage of development - start up, expansion, or re-invention.

Vergeront Museum Planning grows stronger museums with greater public value by:
  • Helping museums strengthen themselves while strengthening their communities; and by
  • Helping museums realize the powerful convergence of their strategic interests with their learning interests.

Jeanne Vergeront,
Vergeront Museum Planning’s director, is a seasoned museum professional with extensive background in placing stakeholders at the center of planning, creating and implementing organizational plans, supporting museum leadership, and developing learning experiences in both exhibits and programs.

Vergeront Museum Planning is based in Minneapolis (MN). Jeanne Vergeront, the director, travels nationally and internationally to serve clients.